Our Factory Direct Prices To You

Items Retail 1 or 2 units
(42% discount)
3 to 7 units
(45% discount)
8 to 15 units
(46.5% discount)
16 or more units
(48% discount)
Water Trikes
$7,299 each $4,197 each $3,997 each $3,897 each $3,797 each
(spare parts kits)
$429 each $249 each $236 each $230 each $223 each

*SparePaks: Capture every rental with zero down time. SparePaks are your emergency spare parts kits to keep every Aqua-Cycle in the best working condition. Each SparePak includes a set of bearings & bolts, pedals & screws, wheel plugs, and seat straps for one Aqua-Cycle™. Order one SparePak with each Aqua-Cycle™ so you can keep your Aqua-Cycles ready for every rider.

We Quote Our Best Price to You the First Time and Every Time

Our discounted pricing is very simple. It is based upon the quantity you buy. Our discounted prices are the same for personal use, a rental business, resale to your customers, export, import or something else. These are our factory direct discounted prices to you.

Aqua-Cycles™ are ‘Made in the USA’ to the highest standards, with American labor, and from the best quality materials. Our 5 year warranty is unmatched by anyone in this industry. In salt water or fresh water, your Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes will be ready use at any moment.


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► CUSTOM BRANDING:  CLICK HERE for large quantity custom wheel colors, frame colors and seat logos

► PAYMENT OPTIONS:  1) Direct payment through our office by: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard, check, bank wire, T/T, SWIFT or Western Union, 2) PayPal payment by: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard, eCHECK and PayPal Credit, 3) Low cost financing: (see below) or 4) International payments by: bank wire, T/T, SWIFT or Western Union.

Low Cost Financing: (Financing is available for customers in the United States.) Centra Funding, LLC specializes in financing Aqua-Cycles for water sports businesses. Their online application is quick, easy to complete, secure and will be completed within 4-6 hours. Our dedicated Centra Funding agent, Drew Kabo, will confidentially assist with your application and advise on the best payment options for your specific situation. CLICK HERE to get started today with the quick, no-obligation finance application so you can order your Aqua-Cycles tomorrow.

Discounts: Your discount is based upon the quantity you buy. You receive our lowest discount price with every quote. If you resell our products, these are still our prices to you. We use the same discount structure for everyone rather than additional discounts for dealers, distributors and importers.

Payment Terms: Payment is due at the time of placing your order or through our low cost financing option (see above for Payment Options and Low Cost Financing). As soon as payment is confirmed, we will schedule your order for shipment.

Exceptions: We understand special situations require special payment arrangements, such as an initial deposit and final payment before shipping. We will do our best to accommodate your situation.

Proforma Invoice: A Proforma invoice is available, such as for your lender, leasing agent or accounting department prior to placing your order. We honor proforma invoice pricing of products for 30 days and freight quotes for 7 days.

► SHIPPING: Sending freight from point A to point B can be a complex process with lots of moving parts. Negotiating the best price can be even more difficult. We are glad to earn your business by doing that for you, if desired. With over 30 years of shipping experience, the volume of freight we ship and our frequently renegotiated contracts, our freight pricing is the best in the industry.

Shipping Cost: Each order is unique, based upon the freight carrier, route, destination and quantities. Give us your complete delivery address or international seaport and the quantities desired.  We will get back to you with the best quote for your order.

Domestic Destinations (United States, Canada and Mexico): Truck freight is used for most domestic destinations. We can ship your order in 1 to 3 days. You will receive tracking information and other documents once your order has left our plant. There are no additional shipping charges when SparePaks are ordered with Aqua-Cycles™.

International Destinations: Sailing vessels and air freight are used for international destinations. We can ship your order in 1 to 3 days. You will receive tracking information and other documents once your order has left our plant. There are no additional shipping charges when SparePaks are ordered with Aqua-Cycles™.  For international shipping terms and conditions, see INCOTERMS: CIF

Sailing Vessels: We can load up to 8 Aqua-Cycles and SparePaks into each 20ft standard shipping container, up to 16 Aqua-Cycles and SparePaks into each 40ft high cube shipping container and up to 22 Aqua-Cycles and SparePaks into each 45ft high cube shipping container. (High cube shipping containers are not available to all port destinations, in which case we must use slightly smaller standard containers.) Large orders are loaded in a combination of containers.

Air freight: This is the best option when you want your Aqua-Cycles and SparePaks right away, but expect the air freight shipping cost to be at least $2,500 per Aqua-Cycle™.

Us or You: Most customers want us to handle the details of trucking and international shipping, but if you would rather do it yourself, simply put us in touch with your pre-arranged United States truck line, freight forwarder or consolidator. You negotiate the shipping cost and initial details with them, such as FOB Brownwood TX, and we will follow up with them to coordinate the pickup date and location details.

► SPARE PARTS: Spare parts are readily available from our warehouse and can be shipped worldwide within 24 hours. Order SparePaks and other spare parts along with Aqua-Cycles™. We package them with your Aqua-Cycles™ for no additional shipping charges.

► PROFIT POTENTIAL: Use this chart to determine how profitable your Aqua-Cycles will be in a water sports rental business. Choose your rate from the wide range of rental rates our customers charge. The average rental rate worldwide is $40 per hour, but pick your rate and do the simple math. For example,

  • You buy 3 Aqua-Cycles and your cost is $3,997 each
  • During your season you charge a very low rental rate of $25 per hour and average 4 rentals per day
  • Your rental income will be $100 per day per Aqua-Cycle
  • With a 75-day season you will pay for them in the first 40 days
  • Your estimated maintenance expense will average $225 per season per Aqua-Cycle
  • Your net rental income will be $7,275 per season per Aqua-Cycle
  • Your total net income will be $21,825 per season for all 3 Aqua-Cycles


Here is what the numbers say per Aqua-Cycle™:

Rental Rate
Per Hour
Rental Hours
Per Day
Rental Days
Per Year
Paid For
In xx Days
Typical Annual
Per Year
Net Income
20 Year
Net Income
$65/hr. 4 75 $3,997 15 $225 $19,275 $385,500
$50/hr. 4 75 $3,997 20 $225 $14,775 $295,500
$40/hr. 4 75 $3,997 25 $225 $11,775 $235,500
$35/hr. 4 75 $3,997 29 $225 $10,275 $205,500
$30/hr. 4 75 $3,997 33 $225 $8,775 $175,500
$25/hr. 4 75 $3,997 40 $225 $7,275 $145,500
$20/hr. 4 75 $3,997 50 $225 $5,775 $115,500
$15/hr. 4 75 $3,997 67 $225 $4,275 $85,500
*Typical maintenance cost: based on a factor of $0.75 per rental hour calculated for one year (includes 1 bearing set per 200 rental hours, 1 pedal set per 400 rental hours and 1 seat strap set per 400 rental hours).

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