WWA-2014-ExhibitOur Company

Aquatic Adventures International, Inc. builds ECO friendly, sustainable, durable water recreational equipment for commercial and private water sports enthusiasts. Our corporate headquarters and sales offices are based in Las Vegas Nevada. Manufacturing, parts and shipping facilities are located in Brownwood Texas.  Our products and reputation are known worldwide.



ABout-US-image2aOur Products

We design and manufacture the Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trike, with its three large colorful wheels and signature design known the world over as the most popular human-powered water toy available where adults and children alike enjoy a safe, stable and smooth ride on virtually any body of water. Three wheels, wide paddles and flexible steering make Aqua-Cycles™ easy to control with no special lessons or extra equipment necessary.



ABout-US-image6Our water trikes are available in five standard bright, UV-resistant colors that attract crowds of visitors to any location whether a beach, bay, shoreline, marina, lake or any other type of water sports rental location. (Custom wheel colors and branding are also available.)

Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trike frames are powder coated for maximum protection from corrosion and to ensure long life. (Custom frame colors and branding are also available.)

All steel parts, including bolts, nuts, washers, pedal cranks and axles are made from high grade stainless steel, for a rust-free product that will provide many years of equipment life, high profitability, minimal maintenance, protection from abuse and user enjoyment.


ABout-US-image2bAqua-Cycle™ umbrellas are available in 12 attractive colors, have powder-coated center supports, UV, genuine mildew and rot resistant fabric by Sunbrella, aerodynamic design that resists wind and eliminates heat pockets, simple height adjustment, store compactly (38″x6″x5″), low maintenance and easy cleaning.



Our Customers Include:

1. Businesses that offer outdoor recreation amenities to their guests or members such as hotels, resorts, cruise lines, homeowner associations (HOAs & POAs), parks, marinas, camps, yacht clubs and real estate developments.

Custom branding, colors and logo options are available.

  • Beaches Caribbean Resorts
  • Big Cove Resort
  • Boca Hotel & Club
  • Paradise IslandCarnaval Cruise Lines
  • Castaway Cay
  • Dead Freddies Island Grill
  • Deer Creek Development & Marina
  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • Doublehead Resort
  • Dove Creek Lodge
  • Eagle Rock Resort
  • dos parejas en triciclos Aqua Cycle DisneyEastman Community HOA
  • Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel
  • Islander Beach Resort
  • Lake Oanab Resort
  • Lake Tansi POA
  • Lakewood Shores POA
  • Lakewood Village Resort
  • Liar’s Cove Resort
  • Marina at Stonewall Resort
  • ABout-US-image4Paradise Cove Marina
  • Princess Cays Cruises
  • Rough Creek Lodge
  • Sandals Resorts
  • Sheraton Resorts
  • Sirata Beach Resort
  • Waterloo KOA
  • Wintergreen Resort
  • YMCA Camp Ernst
  • YMCA Camp Kresge














ABout-US-image72. Water sports rental concessions located at or near lakes, beaches, marinas, bays or virtually any body of water.

  • Action Sports
  • Adrenalin Watersports & Marina
  • Adventure Water Sports
  • Al Boom Diving
  • AIDhaen Rider Zone
  • Alupang Beach Club
  • Biloxi Beach Jet Ski Rentals
  • Bonita Jet Ski and Parasail
  • AlBoomDiving300Carlsbad Lagoon
  • Dolphin Encounters
  • Emerald Coast Aqua Toys
  • Enticer Watersports
  • Hiltonhead Beach Services
  • Holiday Watersports
  • Hoodoo Recreation and Resorts
  • Irvine Park & Railroad
  • Islander Watersports
  • Jebetan, Enemanit IslandWebsite slideshow 6
  • KOA Beach Service
  • Lakeside Rentals
  • Life’s A Beach
  • Mission Bay Action Watersports
  • North Tahoe Watersports
  • Panama Beach Service
  • Recreational Facilities
  • AC-AndRaftAndPigOnBeach300Red Sail Sports
  • Replay Sports
  • Shore Beach Service
  • Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas
  • Waikiki Shore Beach Service
  • Wheel Fun Rentals











IrvinePark3003. City, county, regional, state and national parks and military recreation centers.

  • Aurora Reservoir
  • Baylor Beach Park
  • Bucks County Parks
  • City of Aurora
  • City of Azusa
  • City of Oskkosh
  • DreamtimeYL300City of Santa Rosa
  • City of St. Peters
  • Evergreen Park and Recreation District
  • Lake Gregory Park
  • Morale, Welfare & Recreation – U.S. Military
  • Marine Corps 29 Palms
  • Marine Corps Recreation Center
  • Naval Station Great Lakes
  • North Lauderdale Parks & Recreation Department
  • Website slideshow 9San Juaquin County Park
  • Town of Monroe
  • Town of Windsor
  • Two Mile Run County Park
  • Wheeling Park Commission














RD-ThumbsUp4. Individuals who live or vacation near virtually any body of water.

Ride Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes with your friends, BFFs, mom, dad, the grand kids, grandma and grandpa.

Explore the marina, fish on the lake, enjoy the bay and challenge the ocean – staying dry and above the water the whole time.

Aqua-Cycles™ are an eco-friendly way to be on the water, enjoy the environment and protect what nature has given us.

  • Adamson, G
  • TwoKidsYLAsani, P
  • Blosser, R
  • Boyle, M
  • Branch, J
  • Brimhall, G
  • Candelaria, H
  • Casamenti, R
  • Collier, K
  • Fisher, J
  • Foster, J
  • Fournier, D
  • Foy, D
  • TwoBoysGN-ACFreese, D
  • Gilchrist, D
  • Gonzalez, T
  • Green, D
  • Grimme, A
  • Gust, D
  • Harris, J
  • Hemmes, S
  • Henry, L
  • Hewett, H
  • Hoffman, B
  • Brookside2Boys300Houser, P
  • Klett, R
  • Kramer, C
  • Krueger, M
  • Kurek, T
  • Langley, R
  • Lilly, D
  • Lough, T
  • CrescentLakeOR300Macfarlane, J
  • Mallin, J
  • Mann, S
  • Mednikov, A
  • Mills, M
  • Mollenhour, D
  • Mongeau, M
  • Myers, N
  • Parker, N
  • Pheil, R
  • Provost, T
  • GreenAC2GirlsReynhout, A
  • Schank, T
  • Sicoli, M
  • Serrano, I
  • Smith, T
  • Swadan, E
  • Torres, J
  • Tremblay, G
  • Tucker, K
  • Turner, B
  • MomAndSonYLWeber, F
  • Williams, K
  • Winstead, R






deportes de agua isleno Isla Morada FLTestimonials

Water sports rental locations rate Aqua-Cycles™ at the top of their rental list. Rental operators around the world love their simple, sturdy design, quality that only comes with “Made in USA” products and their easy-to-clean and maintain structure while customers love their fun, unique experience with family and friends on the water, without even getting wet.


triciclo amarillo de agua en waikiki


“We purchased our Aqua-Cycles™ for the first time just this past Spring of 2015. Since we had no experience renting these type of water toys before, we debated whether to buy 2 or 3. We decided to buy three and are we ever glad we did. Our rental revenue paid for the first unit in just a couple of months and the second has just about been paid off as well. We have exceeded our expectations in a big way and expect all three units to have paid for themselves by the end of the first season. Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are well made, low maintenance, family-friendly water toys that we expect to last a long time.” Ethan of Crossville Tennessee





“We have been renting Aqua-Cycles™ for almost 30 years. We replace them every 10 years or so with new ones and add a few more to our inventory. We now have 16 on our seven-acre lake. Each time we buy more, we make our money back within just a few months.”  John of Orange California



“Our units paid for themselves in less than two months and are now 10 years old.” Dennis of the Florida Keys



“We purchased four Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes this season to add to our water sports inventory which includes boats and jet-skis. The Aqua-Cycles are our most profitable piece of equipment — they are rented all the time and there is no out-of-pocket cost to run them. Because of their large profile and bright colors, they get a lot of attention from casual observers at the lake and so we haven’t had to do any advertising except Facebook.

It’s going so well, my wife was able to quit her job and is now working with me, onsite where we enjoy interacting with customers in the great outdoors.

We bought our units direct from the manufacturer, Aquatic Adventures.  They were a pleasure to do business with. We were treated well. The assembly process was simple, the instructions complete, and we anticipate ordering four more units in July to take advantage of the upcoming vacation season.”  Steve of Lubbock Texas



“We’re open 7 days/week all year long and our sales in 2015 are better than last year. Lakeside RentalsWe advertise through our website but just having the Aqua-Cycles™ visible at our location creates the biggest impression. They are unique, large and colorful, and draw attention to our location even from a distance.” Josh of Carlsbad California




Aqua-Cycle Water TrikesTell us your story and we will share it with others.



Customer-Service-1Our Guarantee

1. Best customer service.  Buy direct from the factory.
2. Quantity discounts.
3. Best shipping rates.
4. Free coaching for start-up businesses.
5. Spare parts are readily available for shipment within 24-hours worldwide should you need them.



Our Product WarrantyABout-US-Warranty

5 Year Warranty — the best in the industry.

CLICK HERE for more information.







nivel de agua en triciclo amarilloOur Commitment to the Environment

Aquatic Adventures International, Inc. is committed to protecting the ecosystems in which our customers enjoy our products. Our manufacturing processes meet the three-fold criteria of biodegradability, zero (net) environmental impact and full scope reuse/renewability.  We do not market recreation products that have been chemically “brightened”.  These policies are based upon our continuing commitment to responsible, earth friendly business practices.


Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are Attractive

aqua cycle muestra de coloresAttractive and eye catching, our Aqua-Cycles™ come in five standard bright, UV-resistant colors.  Attract new crowds across the bay, beach, or marina to your water sports rental business. ECO-friendly, family friendly, and fitness friendly –  Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are sure to be a hit at your location.
Custom branding, logos and colors are available for your fleet of Aqua-Cycles™ and umbrellas.  This is a must for many hotels and resorts where communicating image and brand is of utmost importance.

3 triciclos con sombrillas

Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are built to last!

The three large buoyant wheels support even the heaviest load. Our Aqua-Cycles™ have earned their reputation for durability, low maintenance and high profitability. MADE IN USA to the highest standards and from the best quality materials. Aqua-Cycles are built to last, to be in use every day and still in operation 20 years later. Whether salt water or fresh water, Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes can handle tough environments.

Sandals Resort 2

Aqua-Cycles™ – Return On Investment

With a typical life span of 20 years, Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes keep on making profit for their owners long after they are paid off. Most locations earn back the purchase price in a season, some in a few months. Rental rates average $40 per hour. An average rental location has 5 Aqua-Cycles™.

Example: one Aqua-Cycle™ rented five times per day at $40 per hour for 140 days per year will gross $28,000.  The average 1st year cost is $4,500 and the typical lifespan of an Aqua-Cycle is 20 years.

You pay off the $4,500 initial cost in the first 22 days and the remaining $23,500 rental income is yours – the very first year.  The next year you don’t even have the initial cost to recover.

“The high-volume season begins when kids are out of school” says Dennis of Islander WaterSports in the Florida Keys. “Our Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are rented all day, every day.   At $25/hr., we gross $200+/day per Trike. Our units paid for themselves in less than two months and they’re now 10 years old. (Do the math.)”


Recover your cost and keep putting cash in your pocket year after year.  Our Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes have a typical lifespan of 20 years, but some of our customers are still renting out those same Aqua-Cycles™ 25 years later.  Imagine 25 years of income at $28,000 per year from each of your Aqua-Cycles™!!!

balneario azul triciclo de agua

Your Best Margins in Personal Watercraft Rental

Watercraft rentals are booming and the best margins are with the Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes. Our clients say that our water tricycles are “the most often rented personal watercraft”.

Enjoy the beginning of a maintenance-free, family-friendly, love affair with a product that keeps on generating revenue for years after the Aqua-Cycles™ are paid off!

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