Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are an adventure on the water for all ages. Their innovative design and durable materials allow Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes to traverse lakes, rivers and beaches with ease.

Water sports locations rate Aqua-Cycles™ at the top of their paddle boat rental list. Adults and children alike enjoy the safe, smooth ride of Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes at hotels and resorts, water sports rentals and other popular vacation spots.

Three wheels, wide paddles and flexible steering make Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes easy to ride with stability and smooth maneuverability.  Using them is intuitive, with no special lessons or extra equipment necessary.

Water sports operators around the world love their simple, sturdy design, quality that only comes with “Made in USA” products and their easy-to-clean and maintain structure while customers love their fun, unique experience.

Aqua-Cycles™ are available in five bright, UV-resistant colors that attract new crowds across the beach, bay or marina to the water sports location.

Find out more about Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes and contact us to order these unique crafts for your water rental facility.

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“Go to “Live Kelly and Ryan”:
Live from the Bahamas – Tuesday, Part 4

Kelly and Ryan decided to take a ride on our Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trike in the Bahamas!  Click on the image and go to Tuesday, Part 4 and watch them ride! (Click on the image and it will take you there!

Ryan and Kelly in the Bahamas riding an Aqua-Cycle Water Trike

Ryan and Kelly in the Bahamas riding an Aqua-Cycle Water Trike

Start Your Own Water Sports Concession


Imagine your own water sports location with Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes.  Whether on the beach, at a dock, on a pier or at a lake, in fresh or salt water, Aqua-Cycles™ just keep on renting. With five bright colors and a very unique design, Aqua-Cycles™ are their own best advertising.

You Do The Math
For Your


“The high-volume season begins when kids are out of school” says Dennis of Islander WaterSports in the Florida Keys. “Our Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are rented all day, every day.   At $25/hr., we gross $200+/day per Trike. Our units paid for themselves in less than two months and they’re now 10 years old.”

A Small Investment That Keeps on Working


Start your Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trike business today.  Aqua-Cycles™ require a significantly smaller investment than other personal watercraft and that’s just the beginning of your family-friendly, love affair with a product that keeps on generating big revenue.

Built to Last
Easy to Maintain


Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes have been manufactured in the United States for over 30 years.  Many of the first ones are still in rental fleets around the world.  Minor maintenance keeps your Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes in tiptop shape for years to come.

Environmentally Safe and Eco-Friendly


Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes are friendly to the environment.  There are no engines to maintain, no fuel, oil or exhaust to deal with. Just minimal maintenance will keep your Aqua-Cycles™ safe for the environment, fun for everyone and highly profitable.

No Age Restrictions
Aqua-Cycles are
Fun for All Ages


Everyone loves Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes, from kids to seniors. Good exercise, an easy way to enjoy the water and no one has to get wet. Aqua-Cycles™ are a hit at campgrounds, resorts, beaches, lakes, parks, island communities, vacation homes and marinas.